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Downloadable Godzilla Valentine’s Day Cards Are Perfect for That Special Kaiju Crush

For those looking to deliver a monster-sized message of love to that special someone this year, Toho has it covered. The company has released a set of official Godzilla Valentine’s Day cards, just in time for the annual love-centric holiday. The cards not only feature the King of the Monsters himself, but they also include several other kaiju from the studio’s massive library of characters.

The Valentine’s Day cards were revealed on the official Godzilla social media accounts. The monsters featured are Godzilla, Space Godzilla, Ghidorah, Mechagodzilla and, perhaps most curiously, Biollante. It’s an interesting mix of familiar and a couple of slightly lesser-known beasts from the studio’s vast catalog. All of the cards come with punny messages. Godzilla, for example, is holding a heart that says, “Crashing my way into your heart.” Ghidorah’s, meanwhile, says “I’m three heads over heels for you.” The cards were shared on Twitter with the following message.

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“Happy #ValentinesDay! Download and send one of these cards to your special kaiju crush today on Which card is your favorite?”

While it does not seem these cards are available for purchase physically, they are free to download from the official Godzilla website. The monsters were seemingly chosen somewhat at random. Though it is perhaps worth examining a couple of the choices. Ghidorah was introduced as the primary villain in Godzilla: King of the Monsters, the most recent entry in the current MonsterVerse franchise. He was seemingly defeated by Godzilla, who took his place as king.

But the most interesting selection is, perhaps, Mechagodzilla. Though not officially confirmed, there has been substantial evidence suggesting that the mechanical beast will be part of the upcoming Godzilla vs. Kong. Toy leaks, as well as certain shots in the trailer, have pointed to this being the case. The fact that the monster was included on one of these Valentine’s Day cards probably doesn’t mean much. It just made for a good pun. Specifically, “I have a mecha big crush on you.”

As mentioned, next up for Godzilla is Godzilla vs. Kong. This will be the cinematic rematch of the century, with two of the most legendary monsters in history going toe-to-toe once again. The movie was directed by Adam Wingard, known for his work on Blair Witch and You’re Next. It includes a massive, A-list cast of humans, with both Millie Bobby Brown and Kyle Chandler returning from King of the Monsters.

It will be one of the many movies debuting both in theaters and on HBO Max this year. WarnerMedia decided to take the entirety of Warner Bros. 2021 movie slate and give those titles a hybrid release, streaming on HBO Max in the U.S. and in theaters where available. It ruffled a lot of feathers in Hollywood. Legendary Pictures, which co-financed the upcoming MonsterVerse entry, was none too pleased at first. Ultimately, the two sides managed to work it out. Godzilla vs. Kong is set to arrive on March 31. You can download the Godzilla Valentine’s Day cards at

Godzilla Valentine's Day Card #1
Godzilla Valentine's Day Card #2
Godzilla Valentine's Day Card #3
Godzilla Valentine's Day Card #4

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