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Ever Tried Gujarati Samosa? Try This Recipe For A Unique Tea-Time Surprise


  • Samosa is a popular street food
  • Samosas are of many kinds
  • Gujarati samosa is a tea-time sensation

What more can be said about Gujarat’s variegated cuisine that hasn’t been told before. It is rich, bold and truly one of a kind. Gujarat also has a legacy of interesting snacks or farsaan as they are called. A lot of these snacks are prepared in huge batches and are stored for months, but some of these snacks are prepared fresh and are meant to be consumed piping hot. Something like a Gujrati samosa. What is so different about this samosa versus all other varieties of samosas around the country, you ask? To understand this, we must have a faint understanding of the origins of samosas. 

As shocking as it may sound, samosa is actually not native to India. It is, in fact, a Middle Eastern import which was given an Indian makeover in medieval times. Considered to be a reimagined version of sambusak, samosa is essentially a triangular puff pastry, with a spicy stuffing of potatoes or keema. This deep-fried pastry with a golden, crusty exterior is now popular across the country. Many parts of the country have also given it their own local spin. For instance, up North, you would find samosas with boiled potato stuffing. In Bengal, the size of samosas or shingaras is slightly smaller, the crust is thinner and often many times the potato stuffing is also replaced by that of minced meat.

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Samosa is a popular tea-time snack

Similarly in Gujarat, the snack has its unique avatar. Some shopkeepers and restaurants like giving these samosas a bit of a sweet edge. There is no other remarkable difference in the method of preparation of this samosa. The filling is prepared first, which is then filled inside a flattened dough, the dough is wrapped in a triangular shape, which is finally deep-fried in oil. It is not the only Gujarati snack with hints of sweet, sometimes a little bit of sugar is also used in the making of dhokla.

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Samosas can be of many kinds

The balance of sweet and salty flavours in this Gujarati samosa truly spells indulgence. You have to try it to truly understand and appreciate the perfect balance. This Gujarati samosa recipe packs the goodness of green peas, sugar, lemon juice and chopped coriander. If you wish you can also add potatoes or paneer into the mix. Even for flour, you can pick between maida or atta depending upon your preference.


Here is the step-by-step recipe of Gujarati samosa. 

Try is at home and let us know how you liked it.

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