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EXCLUSIVE! Reena Kapoor Reveals Why Her Show Ranju Ki Betiyaan Is A Must-Watch

Reena Is Back On-Screen After Almost A Year

Reena Is Back On-Screen After Almost A Year

It’s almost a year that you are back on-screen. How do you feel about the same?

I feel very good. I’m back with new- energy, positivity, challenges and opportunities. After 1 year, I feel like, I have entered the industry all over again and I’m starting from zero. So, it is a good feeling. A lot of expectations are there from everyone as the show and its concept are beautiful, Ranju’s character is too challenging and very emotional. I feel like that I need to live up to it and meet everyone’s expectations. Overall, after one year, what I have got is like, I couldn’t have asked for anything more.

Reena's Character In The Show

Reena’s Character In The Show

Tell us something about your character in the show.

My character is Ranju and she is a single mother raising four daughters. Her husband left her and got married to another woman as he wanted a son. Ranju is illiterate, simple and homely person, who probably before marriage had never interacted with outsiders. And suddenly she is left all by herself to raise four daughters on her own in a society which believes that a male is a must in the house- to run a house, bring up children and keep woman safe. She is fighting for herself, children’s independence and to change the thought of people that single women do not have right to live happily. So she is trying to break the stereotype and be in a society with her daughters, which is a biggest challenge.

You will be playing a mother to four daughters in the show; Tell us to about your on-screen daughters.

Ranju’s youngest daughter is of the age 8 and the eldest one is 20-years-old. For Ranju, her daughters are her strength. All her life she has struggled to bring up her daughters in a way that society will respect and accept them, which they didn’t do to her (Ranju). The relation that she share with her daughters is beautiful. Her daughters are doing everything to give comfort to their mother, they are very protective towards her, and they understand her pain and struggle. They want to make their mother proud, because whatever she has gone through a lot. They want to pay her back by making the society respect her.

Shooting During Pandemic

Shooting During Pandemic

Did you have any apprehensions shooting during the pandemic?

Initially, yes I had apprehension because of COVID- as many were wondering, whether to shoot or go to work and many question marks, and still there are. There are lot of talks about COVID, but the moment I heard about the character, I was like, I don’t give a damn to the talks, I don’t care and I am just going for it, because this kind of role does not come your way every second day. So there was no way that I was going to leave it.

Bond With Co-Stars

Bond With Co-Stars

How was it working with your co-stars?

It is wonderful. Ayub is playing my husband and this is the second show with him. In the first show also we had a beautiful rapport. On-screen of course, we never liked each other, but off-screen we always chilled. I was very happy that in this show also he is playing my husband because our chemistry is very good. The vibes and the chemistry we (on-screen husband and daughters) share is beautiful, so it is easier to portray them on-screen as well.

Why Ranju Ki Betiyaan Is A Must-Watch?

Why Ranju Ki Betiyaan Is A Must-Watch?

Give us the reason why this show is a must-watch?

The show is a must-watch because it has a very strong message to the society, especially to the people, who think that men can do certain jobs and it is must to have a male in the house to run the house and to look after wife and children and all. Although we think that these kind of thoughts are seen in rural areas and small villages, unfortunately, it is in big cities and educated mind also. In the show, although Ranju is uneducated, her thinking is very advance. Through our show, we are giving a message to all, that if you are a single parent, if things do not work out between you and your husband, it doesn’t mean that it is not your fault; and the woman has all rights to be happy.

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