Home remedy for pimples

home remedy for pimples
Home remedy for pimples

Home remedy for pimples

Pimples are comes in face due to some hormonal changes during puberty or tight clothes that rub against the skin .Pimples are a part of acne .They are most likely to occur around puberty ,but they can happen at any age .Pimples are very bad for our skin .Some girls face this problem during their menstrual cycle .This is very ridiculous for every one . Every person wants relief from it .So here are some home remedies by which you can get relief from pimples and happily say by pimples.


Some home remedies to say by by pimple

1. take some warm water and a towel.

2.now heck this steam with the help of your hand. you must ceck how much steam you can take.

3.now take steam with the help of towel.

4.after this take some rose water and use it in your face or you can use alevera get  in clean. hand in your face for 2 hours.

5.turmuric is also very useful for our skin.

6.take some turmuric powder and mix some raw milk and apply it on your face and neck.

After 15 min you can wash your face and your face become glowing and younger looking skin.

You can use these remedies for a week and ou will get relief from pimples.

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