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The Mandalorian Is Still Beating WandaVision in Disney+ Viewership

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The Mandalorian viewership is up over WandaVision, which is the latest series on Disney+. The first Marvel Cinematic Universe series is currently dominating social media as fans try and figure out what is going on in Wanda Maximoff’s current reality. Like the first live-action Star Wars series, WandaVision streams new episodes weekly, and it has its viewers hooked. The week in between episodes offers everyone a chance to post their theories online, which is also how The Mandalorian worked. No matter how you slice it, Disney Plus is still the big winner.

According to Parrot Analytics, WandaVision is 60 times “more desirable” than an average television show. It should be noted that the analytics firm does not have exact streaming numbers from Disney+, nor Netflix. The big numbers should come as no surprise by anyone paying attention to what Marvel Studios has been doing over the past decade. However, The Mandalorian is slightly “more desirable” than even WandaVision, with 63.1 times over an average TV series. With that being said, there is one show that has them all beat.

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Netflix’s Cobra Kai is 65.3 “more desirable” than anything else out there in terms of streaming shows. “WandaVision climbed one spot up the rankings this week. It finally knocked Stranger Things out of the top 3 digital originals,” according to Parrot Analytics. “While demand for this Disney+ original was up by 21% this week, it was still unable to unseat either The Mandalorian or Cobra Kai.” Netflix took over on the insanely popular series from YouTube Red, where many fans of The Karate Kid didn’t even know it existed. There are currently three seasons of Cobra Kai to binge.

Parrot Analytics went on to note, “Post-release demand for WandaVision has slowly but steadily increased. The weekly release schedule has been the main factor in this slow build, but surprise twists have kept audiences engaged and prevented demand from flagging.” WandaVision is proving to be a slow burn mystery series, with each week peeling back a new layer of the onion, and as of episode 4, things are starting to pick up. It would not be surprising to see the first MCU series show up higher on the charts by the time it wraps up.

Disney+ has gone against the Netflix release model of putting up all episodes at once, in favor of a traditional TV weekly release. Cobra Kai viewers can go ahead and watch three seasons, while Star Wars fans can now stream two full seasons of The Mandalorian. WandaVision is still streaming new episodes each week and will do so for the next month, as fans look towards The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, which begins streaming in March. The show looks like a more traditional MCU offering, so it will be interesting to see where its numbers end up upon its premiere. The viewership data was originally reported by Parrot Analytics.

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