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Vatana Nu Shaak: A Simple Gujarati Matar Curry That Is Worth A Try (Recipe Inside)

You’ll find many people not having any particular affection towards matar (peas). In fact, some dislike it so much that they’ll often be caught picking out the tiny balls of matar from their meals. If I speak my mind aloud it’s pretty unfair to this wonder vegetable that brims with a range of nutrients including proteins and fibre and many more. Also, its taste is not so bad. In fact, if you have the right recipe with you, you can actually make some delicious dishes with matar. Try this recipe, for instance, to believe us.

We bring to you a popular Gujarati dish made with matar called Vatana Nu Shaak, which simply translates to peas curry. Some people also call it Leela Vatana Nu Shaak, in which ‘Leela’ refers to the colour green so it becomes green peas curry. Vatana Nu Shaak is a very simple matar ki sabzi with gravy with some common spices.

Many Gujaratis experiment with the recipe by adding gobhi, palak, aloo or other veggies to this curry but this is the most basic and the most-commonly made Gujarati curry that we will learn to make here. To make vatana nu Shaak, all you have to do is cook matar with ginger and garlic and powdered spices. When the matar is cooked in a gravy, garnish with a tempering of mustard seeds, hing and green chillies. This easy-to-make green peas curry will win your heart instantly.


Peas can be made into some delicious Indian recipes. 
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